VP-DCIM Branch Current Monitor System

VP-DCIM Branch Current Monitor System

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The VP-EC-BCM is a complete breaker panel branch current monitoring system. Up  to 2 VP-EC-BCM-42CT Interfaces can be connected for a total of 72  breakers.

Each interface transmits its current readings to the gateway via Modbus RTU RS485 protocol.

The VP-EC-BCM Gateway's built in web server allows the user to program all alarm and operating settings for the breaker variables. Email alerts are programmed for Warning, High, and Zero Load Alarm.

Up to six VP-EC-DCIM Environment Monitoring  Hubs can also be added for temperature, humidity, differential static pressure, water leak and gas detection. (Sold separately)

Branch Current Monitoring Systems are available in 24, 30, 36, 42, 60 and 72 Breaker Panel sizes.

Each System comes complete with :

  • Gateway (DIN rail mount)
  • Power Supply
  • CT Strip Interface (DIN rail mount)
  • CT Strips c/w ribbon cables

VP-EC-BCM System Catalog Sheet

VP-EC-BCM System Manual