Process Controller and EnviroCloud Gateway

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Enclosure Inside View
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User Interface

The VP-EC-2000-BD can be used in applications ranging from simple gas detection and ventilation controls to sophisticated temperature monitoring and control with evaporator defrost cycling controls. The heart of the VP-EC-2000-BD is a flash programmable microprocessor and a large catalogue of application software available from VP Process Inc.

Standard features like 2x20 character LCD’s, LED alarm indicators, keypad interface, relay outputs, universal power supply with 24 VDC field power, and a comprehensive data communications I/O package gives the VP-EC-2000-BD ultimate flexibility. Scalable accessories such as RS485 enabled transmitters, remote relay output units, analog input units are available. Need to measure a combination of some gas leak detection points, some ambient temperature with a humidity points? No problem. Need to send emails (or SMS messages) on specific alarms? No problem. Need to map out zoning with overlap complete with time delays and preset timers? No problem.

The built in web server gives the user flexibility in custom programming the VP-EC-2000-BD to suit their application . The "EnviroCloud" remote secure server gives the user up to 10 years of data retention with graphing and remote programming capabilities. The ALMB Alarm Beacon option provides increased visual alarm indication.

Standard Features

For a complete description and specifications, download the VP-EC-2000-BD Manual.